Pretty Splitty | Are you ready for this? The concept behind my artwork…
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Are you ready for this? The concept behind my artwork…

Are you ready for this? The concept behind my artwork…

Let’s be honest, life can be damn right hard sometimes. I mean painfully disappointing, unjust, mundane, frustrating and just ugly at times. We can’t always avoid it, however upbeat and positive we are, right?

Sometimes I just want to run away. Escape reality. Shake off the responsibility. And right there, at that point, is where I start to dream. Dream of being in a place far away. A beautiful place. Tranquil. Calm. Warm. With an awe-inspiring sunset stretched across the sky. Swaying willow trees surrounding the water. Water that starts in the distance, reflecting the light of the sunset and finishes so close that I hear it meeting the riverbank, gently tapping the reeds and grass. The sound of the birds saying goodnight as they start nesting for the evening. And everything I need in a camper van, my life simplified down to just what fits inside. I imagine myself owning a camper van and sitting next to it, with my nearest and dearest, looking out to the enormous skies above, being reminded of how small me and my problems are, and stopping for enough time to remember how much I have to be thankful for.

It’s deep inside my imagination that my paintings first start their journey to the canvas.

I bring that dream to life.

Peace at Last by Pretty Splitty

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