Pretty Splitty | Splitty in the Countryside
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Splitty in the Countryside

£170.00 £85.00

‘Splitty in the Countryside’ Original Painting by Alice Kellett

Acrylic on Canvas 61x46cm

Love the idea of escaping with just a few of your belongings into the countryside where the air is pure and the views are spectacular? Let this stunning one-off painting by the wonderfully talented artist Pretty Splitty take you there.

Feel the gentle breeze on your skin, hear the wind rustling the leaves and feel the grass under your feet. Know you can explore wherever you like with just the essentials you need to enjoy a little adventure in a vintage classic. Away from the hustle and bustle of day to day life, take a break and enjoy some time to recharge.

Please note: This is an original painting signed by international artist Alice Kellett. There is only one available.

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